Professional wedding, sport and portrait photographers servicing Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Armstrong, Vernon, Kelowna and all points in between in beautiful British Columbia.

Beverly and Brian provided us with better quality wedding photos than we could have hoped for!

They blended seamlessly into the events during the evening and provided us with an amazing visual account of the days activities.

When an opportunity for some unique shots popped up (via the sunset) they whisked us away to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop.

They are both very talented photographers, complimenting each other very well.

Howie and Allana Reid

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Beverly and Brian did a fabulous job of capturing all of the special moments on our wedding day.

The photographs are vivid and crisp and draw your eye to exactly the right spot while the rest of the photo discretely fades into the background.

Lively moments with friends and family were captured with amazing detail and accuracy.

We highly recommend them to everyone looking for a good photographer. 

Bert and Janet

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Brian and Beverly were great.

They made my time with them fun and comfortable.

I am sensitive to light and flashes but we worked together so that I didn't squint or blink.

It all felt natural and they had creative ideas for spots to shoot.  


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My wife and I are very happy with the work that Own the Moment Photography did.

Not only did the pictures turn out amazing but Brian and Beverly were great to work with and had good ideas on where we could go to do our photo shoots.

I would highly recommend Own the Moment Photography to anyone.   

Jared & Ashley

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Own The Moment Photography were instrumental in capturing the fun and beauty in our relationship. 

Working together with Brian and Beverly for our engagement photo shoot was fun and they had some innovative locations/ideas. 

We had a few changes of clothes and with the different locations it made it seem like separate occasions!

Chad & Shannon

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Hello and congratulations to all of you for choosing Own the Moment Photography!

Beverly and Brian are fantastic people and true professionals of the photography industry. 

This image is from my favourite shoot. 

We were shooting in a playground and when we saw the building I just knew I'd be climbing inside for a photo or two. 

I've been on a couple shoots with Beverly and Brian and the experiences have been fantastic in every way possible. 

Best of luck to you all!


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Bev and Brian are amazing!  

They have a way of making you feel like family and it makes the whole experience relaxing and fun.  

They take such time and care with each shot and the results are absolutely beautiful.  

I loved every photo from every shoot!  

Yes! I loved them so much I keep going back for more!   


Untitled photo

Working with Brian and Beverly was great!

Brian's very professional and Beverly kept things light and fun. 

I was impressed with the quality of the pictures!                                     


Untitled photo

Both shoots I had with Brian & Beverly were incredibly fun.

They were flexible and easy to work with.

I saw myself in a whole new light!

The editing adjustments were done to my preference.

Overall it was a blast!

I would gladly tell any of my friends to go to Own the Moment Photography.


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Both of us were very comfortable with Brian & Beverly and they seemed able to blend in and do their jobs unobtrusively.   

We are so very happy with the pictures and memories that both of them were able to record for our families to treasure forever!!   

Our wedding day went by so very quickly I must admit a lot of it is a blur! 

It is great being able to look back through our album and share it with family and friends.     

Chad & Shannon

Untitled photo

The book and canvas are amazing!!!  

Thank-you very much!!  

We are so happy with how everything turned out!  


Untitled photo

I've done two photo shoots with Own the Moment Photography and I have had a blast!

The seriously dedicated, yet easy going attitude of the photographers keeps you on your toes while enjoying every moment.    


Untitled photo

Thank you for coming down to explore some action photography at the track.  

It was a huge pleasure having you at the track to shoot pics.

All the riders loved the images! 

Feel free anytime to come guys are always welcome! 

Hope to see your guys work more often...


Untitled photo

Excellent people to work with, a good balance of casual and professionalism.

Articulate and direct without being pensive, they have a very relaxed attitude while still remaining focused.


Untitled photo


Absolutely love all of them!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

Thank you for all those shots!!!!

I'm flabbergasted!!!!


Untitled photo

As someone who's normally a "live inside the box" type gal, Brian put me at ease while taking some photos which were out of the ordinary.    

He spent time getting to know me and made me feel like I was not only the person having their picture taken, but someone who could share any ideas I had with him.    

I would totally recommend Own the Moment Photography to anyone who's looking for a professional, fun, and wonderful experience.    


Untitled photo

We've really enjoyed the time we spent with you guys during all the photo shoots!  

Thank you for all your hard work and talent, and making it a awesome experience for us! 

Thank you again for everything!

We are very pleased with how all the photos turned out! 


Untitled photo

It was really fun working with Brian & Beverly.  

They were more professional than other photographers I've worked with in terms of lighting & direction and the pictures were fantastic.

Definitely worth the money!  


Untitled photo

Thank you so much for these amazing photos!  

This truly is a gift for SAS to receive such high quality and professionally done photos.

Thank-you for donating you time and talents, we so appreciate your willingness to participate in yet another SAS event.


Servants Anonymous Society

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